Foxtails Dangerous to Dogs

Foxtail barley and Canada Wild Rye are two plants that have dangerous barbs that can penetrate into your dog’s tissues and continuously work their way deeper causing serious problems. Do not let your dog run through, sniff around, or chew on grasses with these plants mixed in. It’s a good idea to thoroughly check your dog’s entire body (including the belly, armpits, between the toes, face, and in the nostrils, ears, and mouth).

Please take the time to read the articles below so you can better protect your dog and know the symptoms to watch for:

Foxtail Barley — A Danger to Your Dog (from Animal Wellness Magazine)

Why Foxtails Are So Dangerous to Pets by Dr. Karen Becker


Mini Dog First Aid Kit

pet first aid mini kit.jpg

Items shown: hand sanitizer, gauze pads, mini roll of gauze, mini roll of vet wrap, human bandaids (not for use on dogs), 5 ml syringe (no needle; used for inducing vomiting — see paragraph below), 30 ml (1 oz) squeezable bottles, nozzle lid for bottle. MISSING: a pair of pointy tweezers to remove barbs/thorns/slivers/broken glass, ticks, etc.

Please educate yourself on how to administer first aid to your dog. There are many resources online and you can take classes for hands-on instruction. This is general information only and is not intended as veterinary advice.

This mini kit is for carrying with you for the usual dog walks and mini excursions. This mini kit could help you address some pet first aid until you could get to a larger pet first aid kit in your vehicle/home, or until you could get to the vet if the situation was serious. This kit small enough to carry with you easily.

LABEL THE CONTAINERS WELL. You do not want to make the mistake of using the wrong liquid. 

The 30 ml bottle could be used to carry 3% hydrogen peroxide for wound cleaning or to induce vomiting. (Research the proper amount to give your dog based on weight and how to use the syringe to administer the liquid into a dog’s mouth.)

The other 30 ml bottle could be used to carry sterile saline solution for rinsing debris from eyes or wounds (using the nozzle lid to help direct the saline solution).

I REPEAT: LABEL THE CONTAINERS WELL. You do NOT want to make the mistake of using hydrogen peroxide when you meant to use saline solution. 

Human bandaids are not for use on dogs. They are included in the kit because they are small and and they can be used for yourself or as tape if you need to secure the roll of gauze to itself.

A pair of small tweezers (not pictured) are handy as well. They can be used to remove barbs, thorns, slivers, broken glass, ticks, etc.