Homemade Pet Food

Feeding fresh, minimally processed, wholesome ingredients that a pet can easily digest helps promote physical and behavioural health, and for this reason some pet owners choose to make their own pet food. However, the pet’s diet must have essential nutrients in the correct amounts and proportions otherwise nutritional deficiencies and imbalances will lead to ill health over time, no matter how wholesome the ingredients.  Preparing balanced and complete meals for a pet can be overwhelming but there are ways to simplify the process and save time and money. I can help you with that.

Oberhund Pet Food services include:

  • Creating customized balanced and complete recipes (raw or cooked), with the exact amounts specific to the cat or dog (based on weight, age, activity level, body condition, health, etc.)
  • help in understanding and implementing therapeutic diets (e.g. novel protein diet, ketogenic diet, low-carb, starch-free, vet-recommended diets, weight-loss, etc.)
  • help in understanding and implementing recipe instructions in published books (e.g. Dr. Karen Becker’s recipe book),
  • Sourcing ingredients (including local, grass-fed/pastured meats and eggs)
  • Sourcing equipment (digital kitchen scales are important)
  • Meal preparation coaching
  • Offering tips for successful transitions to new diets

Oberhund Recipe Books for Purchase:

  • Transition from kibble recipes
  • Cooked meals
  • Raw meals
  • Starch-free diets

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