Social Dog Walks for Wellness & Enrichment

Social dog walks to build social skills and practice good manners

Our social dog walks are designed to help provide your dog safe opportunities to build confidence, emotional resilience, and social skills and to practice being well-mannered while enjoying a loose leash walk. These social dog walks are also “decompression walks” to help dogs (and their people) lower stress levels.

Great for Puppies and Adolescent Dogs

This class is very helpful for adolescent pups (3 months to adulthood) to coach owners through the common behaviour problems that develop or become worse during adolescence.

  • weekend mornings (start times are subject to change with the seasons)
  • continuous enrolment (classes are organized in two-month blocks throughout the year)
  • new students* ($63 GST included) (cost covers 2 months of unlimited attendance)
  • returning students ($21 GST included) (cost covers 2 months of unlimited attendance)
  • (Recommended) Foundation Classes (private instruction tailored to you and your dog’s needs; especially helpful for puppies and adolescent dogs, dogs struggling with loose leash walking, excited by wildlife, etc.) Contact Jennifer for details.

* some students may be required to have additional training before they are ready for the group class environment.

Make Dog Walks More Enjoyable

Participants will learn how to make walks more enjoyable (for the human and the dog) and instruction includes (but is not limited to):

  • loose leash walking skills (on a short leash and a long leash)
  • recall and attention
  • passing, parallel walking, and polite greetings (when appropriate)
  • addressing and preventing reactive behaviours
  • using the environment as enrichment and as reinforcement
  • coping with wildlife and other stimuli in the outdoor environment

Outdoor Social Dog Walks Are Important for Health

Outdoor social walks are important for physical, mental, and emotional health. Benefits include:

  • emotional resilience and improved behaviours
  • improved relationship with dog guardian
  • reduced inflammation, improved muscle tone, lowered stress levels.

Read more about the benefits of “green exercise

Dogs with extreme behaviours should start with the Fear & Reactivity Class.

Contact Jennifer for more information

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