Sit/Stay Scavenger Hunt

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Dev (choosing a down/stay instead).

Dora Fall 2018


Scavenger Hunt Tasks for participants in the September/October session of Wellness & Enrichment Class:

Submit a photo of your dog doing a sit/stay (or a down/stay) for each theme below. You may submit more than one for each theme. If you cannot take the photo of your dog (or cannot take it safely — for you or your dog) or if you cannot get a friend/family member to take the photo, then you are welcome to arrange for me to take the photo during class (if applicable).


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  • your dog must find the experience pleasant and not be showing signs of anxiety or distress. The dog must be willingly performing the sit/stay (or down/stay) and not requiring a lure (or coercion) to remain there.
  • The photo should NOT indicate that you are being unsafe or unlawful (e.g. the dog is on leash in a public area that requires dogs to be leashed; the dog is not on a surface that is unsteady, too small, or too high; the dog is not in a situation where he/she is vulnerable to vehicles, foot traffic, other dogs, wildlife, children, etc.).
  • You did not sacrifice safety to get the photo (e.g. someone else took the photo if the situation had any sort of risk, such as the dog’s sit/stay was not reliable enough for you to step away and focus on the camera).
  • Be respectful of monuments or surfaces and the people who feel it would be disrespectful if a dog was perched on the monument or surface.
  • Your submission indicates you agree to have the photo posted online (my website, Facebook, Instagram). You may opt to not have your name mentioned or your dog’s name mentioned.