Puppy Training & Behaviour Packages

For puppies under 20 months (at time of first at-home consultation).

A. Puppy Training & Behaviour: Starter Package ($100 plus GST)

  • two at-home consultation/training sessions (45 to 60 minutes each; to be used within 4 weeks)
  • detailed, personalized notes and support materials emailed within 48 hours of each at-home session
  • free attendance to two sessions of selected group classes (based on needs of puppy)(conditions apply)
  • phone/email support

Each additional follow up session (to be determined on a case-by-case basis)

B. Puppy Training & Behaviour Support ($150 per week plus GST)

  • home visits (up to 7 in one week; 30-45 minutes each) for private walks & training, housetraining support, crate training support, separation anxiety support,  socialization, addressing fear and reactivity, etc. (conditions apply)
  • one at-home Train and Maintain session with owner each week (30 – 45 minutes each) to provide owner with instruction to maintain training
  • detailed, personalized notes and support materials
  • phone/email support