Puppy Training

Online or In-Person Puppy Training ($178.50 GST included)

For puppies under 8 months (at time of first at-home consultation)

  • two at-home consultation/training sessions (45 to 60 minutes each; to be used within 8 weeks)
  • detailed, personalized notes and support materials emailed within 48 hours of each at-home session
  • free attendance to a two-month block of group classes (based on needs of puppy)(conditions apply)
  • phone/email support

Each additional follow up session (to be determined on a case-by-case basis)

Oberhund puppy training is about “Socialization & Behaviour” to help raise a happy, confident, well-mannered puppy while preventing fear, over-reactivity, and aggression. 

Instruction is designed to teach owners how to:

  • safely socialize a puppy to a variety of new stimuli while avoiding overwhelming the puppy;
  • help ensure positive exposures to other dogs including appropriate, positive play and avoiding bullying behaviours;
  • recognize early signs of fear, reactivity, and aggression and how to appropriately prevent it and address the early signs.
  • address puppy behaviours like chewing, mouthing, biting and teach bite inhibition
  • protect bone growth plates during walks/exercise, play, using stairs, and jumping off furniture or out of vehicles
  • balance socialization needs with protecting the puppy from disease
  • housetrain, crate train, and prevent separation anxiety
  • teach the basics of Loose Leash Walking, Leave It, Give, manners when greeting people, Settle, Sit, Wait, and Stay.
  • teach puppy to enjoy basic handling for general care, vet visits and grooming
  • teach puppy to enjoy car rides and how to be calm and safe
  • prevent food aggression and other resource guarding behaviours
  • address/prevent jumping up, counter-surfing, barking

Private sessions are an effective way to supplement socialization and training for puppies already registered in another puppy class. 

Five reasons for taking private training BEFORE attending a group class:

  1. Private training in a low distraction environment is much more effective and efficient than a group class. A high distraction environment of a group class makes learning difficult and and can lead to undo stress, frustration, and possibly anxiety/over-reactivity. A group class is suitable to practice (or “proof”) behaviours already learned and mastered in a low distraction environment.
  2. Private training in your home/yard/neighbourhood allows you and your dog to learn the skills in the context of your dog’s normal environment.  It may be difficult to transfer skills learned in a group class to a home environment.
  3. Private instruction is tailored specifically to you and your dog’s needs. You may be looking for instruction that is beyond the scope of a group class (e.g. separation anxiety, counter surfing, chewing, house soiling, stealing items, barking, etc.).
  4. Private instruction and assistance is immediate, unlike some group classes where an instructor’s time is divided, sometimes between up to 15 to 20 people in a class.
  5. Private training at your home reduces the risk of exposing puppies to disease and parasites, and it reduces the risk of behavioural problems resulting from inappropriate interactions with other dogs and people in a group class (often due to too many dogs in the space, people unable to control their dogs, and dogs with severe behavioural issues that should not be a in a group class yet).