Private Consults

Private consultations can work really well by video chat through your computer, phone, or other device. This is especially true for cases where the trainer’s presence may be too much for the dog(s), or for cases where there is a lot of discussion of addressing or preventing problem behaviours.

Quick Consult (online or phone)

$31.50 (GST included) (for puppies or dogs of any age)

  • up to 20 minutes
  • the cost can be credited towards a full consult if scheduled within 7 days
  • a quick email with notes and links, if appicable
  • great to focus on some quick tips or one skill or a question about a behaviour
  • get professional CPDT-KA advice on how to choose a training approach, training equipment, a dog care facility or business, recommendations for reputable training resources

Puppy Training & Support (online, phone, or outdoor-only due to COVID restrictions)

$178.50 (GST included) (for puppies under 8 months)

  • two private consultations (approximately 60 minutes each; to be used within 8 weeks)
  • detailed, personalized notes and support materials emailed within 48 hours
  • free attendance to a two-month block of group class (conditions apply)
  • phone/email support

Private Training & Support (online, phone, or outdoor-only due to COVID restrictions)

Initial Consultation: $120.75 (GST included)

  • one private consultation approximately 60 minutes
  • emailed personalized notes and resources
  • one free 30 minute follow-up session (online, phone only)
  • phone/email support (for up to 8 weeks from date consultation)

Additional follow up sessions (to be determined on a case-by-case basis)

Prices subject to change.

Contact Jennifer Berg CPDT-KA for more information.