Teach Your Dog Manners Around Guests

The e-book can be purchased through Dogwise (click here) or wherever you get your e-books. click here

Teach Your Dog How to Be Alone

The e-book can be purchased through DOGWISE (click here) or wherever you get your e-books. Click here to buy.

“Loved the book. Very straightforward. Can be read in an afternoon. Great practical advice and easy to follow steps.” — Jacqueline Paul Surdu, Regina, SK

“I have been using some tips from your book and working with Odie to go to his crate on his own with great success. This morning I was gathering things to head out the door he just knew and went to his crate without me saying a word. Almost too easy for a pup that is anything but easy“ — Stephanie Bank, Regina, SK

Now available as an Ebook. If you are interested in purchasing a printed copy, contact me through email.

A Great Book for Puppy Socialization

This e-book is a life-saver! Figuratively AND literally. It is full of helpful links including many video examples. It’s like having a professional dog trainer at your fingertips coaching you along the way. I recommend this book BEFORE any puppy class. This book goes well beyond a puppy class. 

It can be helpful for dogs with fearful or over-reactive behaviours, as well. The process will be slower, but the principles are similar. 

It is for sale at Dogwise (click here) and wherever you buy your e-books.

One of the BEST Books for Dog Training

Easy to read. It’s written in clear, concise language and gets right to the point. Comprehensive. It covers pretty much anything a dog owner would need to know to train their dog. This book is an excellent resource and would make a thoughtful, practical, helpful gift for any new dog owner.

It is for sale at Dogwise (click here) and at most book stores.

A Unique Book for Challenging Behaviours

This book could be the game-changer for those whose dogs have strong drives to stalk and chase wildlife. The training has the potential to make bunnies and squirrels welcome opportunities for safe watching that is enjoyable for both the dog and the person holding the leash, rather than distractions to avoid.

It is for sale at Dogwise (print version) (Ebook) and at most book stores.