Top Trainer-Recommended Books for Dog Caregivers (January is Train Your Dog Month)

It’s not a surprise that many dog caregivers are confused about how to best train a dog. The dog training industry is without regulations guiding education or professional standards of practice, so it can be a challenge for dog caregivers to find reputable dog training information and instruction. For example, typical online lists of “best dog training books” provide a wide range of titles that vary in approach and content — from positive and empowering to coercive and inhumane, and from science-supported to fabricated.

What would a “Recommended Dog Training Book” list look like if it were created by a group of dog trainers?

I asked several reputable, experienced dog trainers educated in positive reinforcement dog training — professionals whose methods are supported by current, peer-reviewed science — to name one dog training book they would recommend for dog caregivers that would be helpful for a wide audience. (It was difficult for them to choose because there are so many great titles to choose from and because their choice would depend upon what sort of help the dog caregiver was looking for. To be clear: this is just a sample of the quality dog training books out there; if a title is not listed, it does not mean it is lesser than those on the list.)

This post is a revised excerpt of an article that was previously published in the Winter 2021 issue of APDT Chronicle of the Dog (page 52)

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