Learn to Read Your dog (January is Train Your Dog Month)

Is this dog comfortable? Would you put your dog and a child in this situation? Many people do, thinking to get a nice picture, but look closely at what the dog is saying with its body. Do you see how the dog is leaning away slightly? That is a big clue that this dog is not comfortable in this situation and is likely wanting distance from the baby. What signal will the dog give next if this one is ignored? That’s where it gets scary.

Learn to read your dog’s subtle body language so you can ensure your dog is comfortable and is not at risk of escalating signals of distress — leading to growling, air snaps, and a bite. Below are some resources to help you learn to “Speak Dog.”

Some simple illustrations of common canine stress signals Click Here

Lili Chin’s book Doggie Language

A video by Fear Free Vets

Silent Conversations is excellent, too, with illustrations and text to explain the very subtle communication of dogs

Photo by Picsea on Unsplash

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