January is Train Your Dog Month

Educating yourself about science-based, force-free, positive reinforcement-based dog training and behaviour modification can be a challenge these days. The dog training industry is unregulated and anyone can make up anything and call it dog training, and even if the trainer is experienced and has taken courses, read books, watched videos, apprenticed, etc. it doesn’t mean that their education is based on current science or reputable methods.

This can be daunting for dog owners, but there is a positive note to this: never before has it been this easy to gain access to reputable information. Here are three of my favourite resources for quality, science-based information about dog behaviour and training. Feel free to contact me if you don’t find what you’re looking for.

  • For reputable information that is easily accessible to a wide range of readers I like The Whole Dog Journal There is a lot of free information online, but a subscription is very inexpensive, there are no advertisements, and you get access to the archives.
  • For readers who are interested in learning a bit more The IAABC Journal
  • For dog industry professionals, especially dog trainers, I recommend the member newsletters or the online conferences of the highly regarded professional organizations, such as (but not limited to) the APDT, CAPDT, IAABC, and Pet Professional Guild.

Photo by 2Photo Pots on Unsplash

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