January is “Train Your Dog” Month

With just 5 minutes of training a day, teach your dog to relax and settle when people come to the door or when guests visit your home

Now is the time to start training to help ensure your dog is better-behaved and better able to relax when people come to the door or guests come over.

What you will need:

A blanket/mat/towel to serve as your dog’s “place.” A dog bed or crate will work, too, but if you use an easily portable mat/blanket/towel, then it can be used in many locations and you can easily take it with you to other locations outside the home (yard, park, a friend’s home, an outdoor cafe, etc.).

Small bits of food your dog likes. The food should be valuable enough that your dog will want to train, but not so valuable that your dog is too excited to relax. Using a portion of your dog’s regular meal may be ideal.

A non-toxic hollow food dispensing toy or a bully stick that will occupy your dog for 5 minutes (for teaching the beginning of SETTLE).

Contact me if you would like to participate privately, with or without online personalized instruction. I’ll email you 12 sets of instructions, each with a 5 minute training session to help your dog settle and greet guests politely and calmly.

Photo by Taylor Kopel on Unsplash

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