Best Places To Train Dogs In Regina

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“My dog can do it in dog class but won’t do it on a walk.”

“My dog is okay around other dogs in dog class, but my dog is out of control when I walk my dog in the neighbourhood.”

“Dog class is too stimulating for my dog; the minute he sees the building he is out of control.”

These are common complaints, and they are valid. A lot of dog training is about “proofing” the skills learned in class (increasing the level of difficulty of the skill by increasing the duration, distraction, and distance you are from your dog), and part of this involves generalizing the skill to new locations. Just because a dog knows how to walk on a leash beside you in the dog training facility, doesn’t mean that dog can do it in the neighbourhood.  A traditional indoor dog class can do little to help people help their dogs transfer the skills to the real world.

Don’t get me wrong — indoor dog classes have their benefits. They are sheltered from poor weather, unforeseen distractions, and quality classes will reduce the risks of infection if they have a robust cleaning regime and restrict participation to dogs in good health. But they have their limits in real life dog training.

Unless the dog owner wants to participate in dog sports and shows, traditional indoor dog classes are not serving the average dog owner. The average dog owner wants their dog to have manners at home, in the car, and on a walk.

The best places to train dogs are the places where dog owners want their dogs to behave. In the places where dog owners want to bring their dogs regularly, so both the dog and the human can enjoy the experience.  And if precautions are take to protect a puppy’s immune health, some outdoor locations can be great places to work on puppy socialization.

Here are my top 5 picks of the best places to train dogs in Regina:

  1. Neighbourhood Park (the one you will use the most often)
  2. School Yards (not during school hours)
  3. Wascana Park (when it’s not too busy. Start easy and work up to more difficulty)
  4. Pet Supply Store (this is a HUGE challenge, so work on the skills well before trying them in this location, especially Leave It).
  5. Outside the dog park (far enough away that the dogs in the park are a bit of a distraction but not too much)

Traditional dog training classes and puppy classes are changing. Instead of a training your dog obedience in a dog training facility, let you and your dog enjoy the outdoor spaces in Regina while you train for real-world situations.

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